Rebecca Feiner | Emma’s Garden Grows
Rebecca Feiner is a graphic designer living and working in Melbourne. Specialising in logo design, branding, print and web design.
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Emma’s Garden Grows

The brief for the Emma’s Garden Grows logo was to create something minimal that either hints at cooking or food growing. Emma’s direction also suggested bold shapes using black and white as her blog features her photography which captures the strong colours and shapes of her food and garden.

The slightly irregular circular shape of the logo allows for an otherwise cold geometric shape to take on the warmth of nature accentuated by the inner highlight curving in to begin emma’s name illustrated by hand, featuring apostrophe leaves.

To add more structure to the logo, National has been chosen for ‘Garden Grows’. I find that National is a good solution for a professional appearance while keeping warmth with its humanist nature.

Check out Emma’s website for gardening and cooking tips


June 2014