Rebecca Feiner | Crowd Sauce
Rebecca Feiner is a graphic designer living and working in Melbourne. Specialising in logo design, branding, print and web design.
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Crowd Sauce

When CERES Fair Food announced their Crowd Saucing Day, I couldn’t wait to get involved. In their words “It’s a tomato sauce-making or preserving day in your neighbourhood. Saucing tomatoes, grown by a local organic farmer will be organised by CERES Fair Food and delivered to you for your Crowdsaucing day. It could be at your house, a community kitchen or someone’s backyard.”

I put my hand up to be involved straight away and began to think of other ways I could add to the project and thought they could use a label to put on all of these bottles of sauce which would help to create a buzz leading up to the event.

Using watercolour paints to illustrate both tomatoes and the lettering for the label, there is a sense of hand made craft to the design and it is friendly and bright with a rainbow of tomatoes.

Learn more and get involved at


December 2015


Illustration, Packaging, Typography